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About Us

Jump means the highest creativity standards ever! We are a creative and social media agency that has emerged within the structures of the Mediacore Group to deliver creative projects of the highest possible quality and advertising communication of a high involvement level. We have already created numerous exceptional spots, hundreds of unforgettable texts and a dazzling number of digital and offline creative projects. The social media profiles we create and pursue are characterized by high activity – both on our part and on the part of our clients – and a well thought-out strategy and aesthetics. We evolve with each consecutive projects developed!

Highest creativity standards ever!

Creativity guaranteed 24/7!

Why our projects are so exceptional? The truth goes that we are creative round the clock and 7 days per week! In order to perform creative works, our agency employs authors of books, musicians and illustrators. For some jobs, we employ individuals for whom creative thinking and going beyond beaten tracks is something completely normal and does not require any special efforts. And you will notice this difference from the very beginning of our cooperation. Just check this out!

Why we are worth it Why we are worth it

Why we are worth it?

Convenient cooperation model

You feel comfortable when you can have insight into each stage of creation process? Or maybe you prefer only obtain and approve finished files? Do you expect crazy concepts or maybe you care for maintaining specific standards? There may be numerous manners of operation and cooperation with creative agencies. We do feel like a fish in water in all such circumstances! We will jointly determine your level of engagement in the project, the nature of creation and all other factors for our cooperation to be effective and friendly to you!

Strategy, creation, analysis!

Creation is undoubtedly an extremely significant component of our activities, but certainly only one of the stages of the operations that we pursue. We will commence cooperation from developing a communication strategy and creative thought and these measures will be undertaken by our experienced strategists. As for social media and other activities conducted within the structures of The Mediacore Group, you can rely upon support of our analysts and media experts who evaluate our works in terms of media effectiveness.

Creativity without restrictions

Our graphic designers and copywriters are creative persons who work round the clock! You must have already come across our projects when surfing the web and we are absolutely convinced that they have attracted your attention. We are not afraid of crazy ideas, but we also desire to work on more standard and regular projects. Tell us what you expect and you will be truly positively surprised.

All attributes at a single location

We operate within The Mediacore Group and this is why numerous issues which usually require engagement of several agencies can be fixed as simply as by going from one room to another in our office. We closely cooperate with our sister agency, i.e. Mediacore, that specializes in media planning and purchase, and then our creative projects will reach from the very beginning the most efficient locations in the Internet, on TV, in press and on the radio. An influence and content agency, Influenter, is also a member of our Group; it is for its activities that we are able to combine our efforts with the wold of influencers and the biggest information and thematic websites.

Knowledge of trends

You should not be worried – we will not try to reach you clients using affiliations with old viral memes like ``Charlie bit my finger``. It is no longer in! We keep our hand on the tiller and then all we do and use (e.g. our ideas, creations, hashtags or technological resources) follow recent trends, which will in fact positively affect the image of your brand.